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Canadian-based artist, Kelly Houghland, has been honing her skills in abstract painting since 2014. Originally a singer-songwriter, Kelly found art allowed communication of thoughts and feelings when articulation escaped her. Kelly's shift into painting has been a self-taught adventure. Many of Kelly's original canvas are born out of heart-work, movement, and meditation. Inspired by earth, water and sky, Kelly uses watercolour, acrylics and ink to create almost ethereal pieces. There is intention in these designs to evoke emotion; to construct the sense of awe that nature presents. Kelly has experience with installations in galleries, restaurants, and studios. Her paintings and prints have been shown and sold throughout Ontario. In 2019, Kelly had her first  month-long solo installation at Picton Tattoo Club showcasing a significant body of work. Commissions have been created for births, weddings, memorials, and healing milestones. Where this artist naturally integrates movement, colour, words and music; connection to elements of healing, vitality, and love become the offering. 

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